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Current production consist mainly of citrus but diversification into bananas, avocados, macadamia nuts, litchis and mangoes have recently been undertaken with great success – in total, Mahela produces 60 000 tons of fruit per annum! As a result of their passion for quality products, Mahela Boerdery has grown into being the largest producer of Star Ruby Grapefruit in South Africa – a definite sign that their zest for citrus and business in general is destined for great heights. Citrus production is mainly geared for the export market, with a small percentage going to local markets and for processing into fruit juices.

Packing of the citrus is done in The Junction pack house on farm with approximately 2.1 million cartons per annum deemed for export. Grapefruit production which include mainly Star Ruby, Marsh and Shadock makes up to 28 % of citrus exports and the balance consists of Valencia oranges with cultivars such as Midknight, Delta, Turkey and Late Valencia. The export of all the citrus and subtropical fruit is done according to Global Gap international accreditation standards.

Mahela Boerdery can also boost as being one of only two citrus nurseries in Limpopo having accredited citrus nursery status, the Letsitele Kwekery, which adheres to the strict requirements of the South African Citrus Improvement Scheme. The nursery supplies young citrus trees commercially.

Avocado production is made up from the Fuerte, Hass, Edranol and Pinkerton cultivars, with 60000 cartons currently being exported and the remainder going to local markets. Litchis are cultivated for both local and national consumption.

Mahela employs over 1100 seasonal workers, with 500 permanently employed at any given time. On going training for their employees, including the use of computers, forms an important part of their vision to provide a better standard of living for all their employees. Some of the profits from the products sold on the international market have been used to build two schools on the farm and the children of workers at other farms in the area also attend classes here. Several creches have been established on the various business units, boasting properly trained personnel. Training, skills development, life skills training and adult literacy classes are among the aspects covered by the farm’s on going education program initiatives.