Mala Mala is our blue, white and yellow box. The Mala Mala brand is represented by the Sable, the King of the antelope of Africa.

Bananas have been recently undertaken with a great success and are marketed under the trademark Mala-Mala. Mala-mala bananas produces more than two hundred eighty thousand cartons per annum. The growth of Mala-mala Bananas has doubled since 2005. Bananas are not exported instead they are weekly delivered to all the local markets in South Africa.

Bananas are our subtropical fruit which is sold throughout the year. The time between planting a banana plant and the harvest of the banana bunch is from 9 to 12 months. After nine months, the bananas are harvested while still green. At the pack house they are inspected and sorted to be sent to the local market.

Malamala bananas employs over 500 workers. On going training for their employees, including the use of computers, forms an important part of our vision to provide a better standard of living for all their employees. Some of the profits from the products sold on the international market have been used to build two schools on the farm and the children of workers at other farms in the area also attend classes here. Several creches have been established on the various business units, boasting properly trained personnel. Training, skills development, life skills training and adult literacy classes are among the aspects covered by the farm’s on going education program initiatives.

Mala-Mala Banana