Situated in fertile Letsitele Valley in the Mopani district of Limpopo, Mahela Boerdery (PTY) Ltd was started by the late BJ Vorster in 1942 who originally cultivated potatoes, tomatoes and rice, with the first litchi’s planted in 1947. His first cultivation of citrus began in 1950 and presently the farm is run by the third generation of Vorsters, with father Edward, together with his sons Barend, Pieter, Eddie and Francois managing the widely diversified operations which take place.

Current production consist mainly of citrus but diversification into bananas, avocados, macadamia nuts, litchis and mangoes have recently been undertaken with great success – in total, Mahela produces 60 000 tons of fruit per annum! As a result of their passion for quality products, Mahela Boerdery has grown into being the largest producer of Star Ruby Grapefruit in South Africa – a definite sign that their zest for citrus and business in general is destined for great heights. Citrus production is mainly geared for the export market, with a small percentage going to local markets and for processing into fruit juices.

Packing of the citrus is done in The Juction packhouse on farm with approximately 2.1 million cartons per annum deemed for export. Grapefruit production which include mainly Star Ruby, Marsh and Shadock makes up to 28 % of citrus exports and the balance consists of Valencia oranges with cultivars such as Midknight, Delta, Turkey and Late Valencia. The export of all the citrus and subtropical fruit is done according to Global Gap international accreditation standards.

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